Photo-book with additional text
Kinderen van de Hoop (Children of Hope)
(preface written by Burt Glinn/Magnum Photos)

In twelve double-portraits an intriguing picture is painted of the life of the Second Generation Holocaust-survivors alongside their parents. People from different social-backgrounds in Israeli society are documented: what did both generations go through, how do they deal with the past and the future, and how do they deal with each other? The stories show in photographs and text very clearly how the in Israel born Jews see their future and how their parents try to deal with the past.
Chapter thirteen is a portrait about Shirley Barenholz, who is also from the Second Generation.

On this page you can view a small selection of pictures from five different chapters.

This photo-book was the start of a bigger, overall project “Children of Hope”, including the documentary-film “
open Eye - open I” and the multimedia exhibition “Kinderen van de Hoop"/"Children of Hope”.

Photo-impression in FNV-magazine pdf       

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