"Open Eye - Open I; The Battle after Terror"

This multimedia installation is part of the overall
multimedia exhibition 'Children of Hope'

"Open Eye - Open I; The Battle after Terror" is a multimedia installation that underscores the possibility of transforming a dismal past into a positive energy and emotional freedom with the help of art. The work by Shirley depicts the rehabilitation process of Kinneret Chaya Boosany, a young Israeli woman who was seriously injured in a bomb attack carried out by a suicide killer in the cafe "My Coffeeshop" in Tel Aviv on March 30, 2002. Shirley follows the long and painful process of Kinneret Chaya Boosany's convalescence with her camera. The photo documentation does not only show the desperate young woman's intense fight for returning to life but also emphasises her immense power and inner beauty.

After the bomb attack and during the process of recovery, Kinneret Chaya Boosany strived to find a way to cope with her deeply affected emotions, a way she eventually found in video art, which became a means for her to deal with the trauma. In the form of the Japanese manga, she finally found the adequate medium of expression.

The poem by Nava Semel, "To the Terrorist", from the poetry book for children "The Courage to be Afraid" speaks for itself and complete the installation "Open Eye - Open I".

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